How to launch your own online company from scratch and not die in the attempt

An exclusive webinar brought to you by entrepreneur Alex Sepulveda, CEO of Maximum Media and co-founder of [mascupon].

[mascupon] is an international startup, one of the world´s leading vouchers and coupon codes websites with an international presence in 10 countries and over 300,000 visits every month from around the globe.

Using a combination of 100% real-life, hands-on knowledge and insights as well as the latest trends in business development, digital marketing and SEO, our experienced team will talk yo­u through all the stages of launching an international startup, with particular attention paid to the mistakes we made so you don’t repeat them.

Additionally, [mascupon] is launching a new initiative to find the brightest and best young talent from around the globe and introduce them to the exciting world of online startups. It consists of a 2-hour webinar and an optional case study. Submission of a case study qualifies you for winning either a MacBook Pro or a 3-month internship at [mascupon] HQ in Valencia.

  1. What are the benefits of a digital business over a physical shop?

    1. Building a website in a few days.

    2. Setting up the technical part.

    3. Program and develop custom-made solutions.

    4. Storage is not an issue.

    5. Dealing with shipping and return policies.

    6. The special case of online services – [mascupon].

    7. Saving money on corporate offices.

    8. Reduced labor costs.

    9. Scale economies.

    10. Room for error and improvement.

    11. A/B testing your ideas.

  2. How to determine if your idea is good?

    1. SWOT analysis.

    2. Feasibility within the target market.

    3. Are there potential investors?

    4. Marketability potential.

    5. What are niches and how to identify them.

    6. Who is your target customer?

    7. How are you filling their needs?

    8. Do you have to educate your customer?

    9. Focusing on innovation 

  3. Building your business plan

    1. Vision, Mission, Goals.

    2. Finding the flow in customer behavior.

    3. Angel capital vs. private funding.

    4. Calculating the initial capital base.

    5. How long will the initial injection of funds last?

    6. Round-two of capital injection.

    7. Prepare a 5-year plan.

    8. Understanding the realities of the market on the long term.

    9. Setting your priorities.

    10. Short-term goals.

    11. Long term goals.

    12. Goals for team growth/business development.

    13. Internationalization.

    14. Planning out the process.

    15. Determine your KPIs.

    16. A quick run through Google Analytics.

  4. Choosing your team

    1. Choosing your partners

    2. Building a solid operational team.

    3. Outsourcing what you can.

  5. Building your minimal viable product

    1. Defining your brand.

    2. Humanizing your company.

    3. Choosing the message and tone of your business.

    4. Building a solid online reputation.

    5. Growth vs. engagement.

    6. Search engine optimization.

    7. Content marketing.

    8. Paid marketing.

  6. Do’s and don’ts – Fatal errors and how to avoid them

    1. Adapting to competition.

    2. Adapting to the demands of a changing world.

    3. Accepting your errors and correcting them.

    4. Knowing when to change directions.

    5. Keeping up with the market.

    6. Remembering to test your own website.

    7. Be prepared for failure… and for success!

    8. Listening to advice… and knowing when not to follow it.

  7. [mascupon] Challenge – The Coupon Case Study


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